Hammock "Slimline" weatherproof

color und Gewebe: Azur i

colour and fabric types: 

  • MONO = 1 thread, 1 colour, 
  • MULTI = 2 and multi thread, 
  • CANATEX = admixture of hemp, 
  • 4x4 = 1 colour, 4 thread woven.

More colours and denser weave result in a higher price.

Azur, Multi
Platin, Multi
Pacific, Multi
Stone, Multi
Avocado, Multi
Sand, Multi
Kandis, Multi
Chilli, Multi
Ocean, Multi
Bay, Multi
590 €

Tax included zzgl. at checkout


3 - 6 Tage

Our SLIMLINE is the small, fine hammock in which you simply feel safe and secure. With its upright headboard, it is ideal for reading and very easy to get in and out. Ideal for one person and perfect for mounting in narrow places as well as on very long distances. TUI Cruises has also chosen our SLIMLINE and has equipped its premium veranda cabins and suites with it.

optionally the matching stainless steel stands SLIMBO, LUNO


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