Hello Mr. Küllenberg!
Many thanks for the tip! My new Crazy-Chair will hang in two weeks in very beautiful surroundings (Mallorca / Camp de Mar) and many "envious" people will get a long nose. (kidding...) As soon as I have the first 10 orders, I will contact you again regarding the conditions... Continue to do good business! Sincerely yours, Thomas H.....


Hello Mr. Küllenberg! My order has arrived in the meantime! Superflott - everything and as ordered! Clearly: Super!!! I still have a question as a "non-sailor" and nautical expert: With my Crazy-Chair you have kindly enclosed a nylon rope as an extension between (ceiling) hook and shekel! Thank you so much!!! Only: how do I knot / connect the rope between hook and shekel to create a durable, strong and finally secure connection (by the way...I weigh 90 KG!!!). Do you have a hint for me? Have a nice weekend & thank you very much for your help! Greetings, Thomas H....


Hello Mr. H....
,thank you so much for the compliments that everything worked so well and is complete. For us, customer service and care are just as important as the product itself.
Now to your knot topic.
First of all welcome to the club - I weigh 94 kg :-) and never have any doubts about the Crazy Chair (it is also tested up to 150 kg TÜV). Please don't be surprised now how easy the knot goes! Now just forget about the hanging chair. If I asked you to tie a long rope at the 2 ends with a knot, what would you do spontaneously? Right - you take the two ends in one hand and loop them together into a simple (housewife) knot and tighten it. Then you have made a knot where the ends protrude approx. 5-10 cm from the knot and
a loop out of the rope.
That's it. So do the same with the rope for the hanging chair. We've been doing this for many years. So simple and you don't need to be a sailor or a climber. You can trust the simple things, including the knot. Now good luck and if you have any questions, please contact me. Yours sincerely, Joachim Küllenberg