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DIVAN daybed, weatherproof DIVAN daybed, weatherproof
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Hammock OYSTER, weatherproof Hammock OYSTER, weatherproof
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Hammock SLIMLINE, weatherproofhttps://player.vimeo.com/video/386185095?video_titel=Video: Hängematte Slimline mit Ständer LUNO
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https://player.vimeo.com/video/384760306?video_titel=schau dir jetzt das Video anwetterfeste Hängematte Combo mit Edelstahlständer Lazy
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Hammock CAYO, weatherproof Hammock CAYO, weatherproof
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Crazy Chair CLIPPER, wetterfeste Hängematte, ohne Spreizstäbe, 150kgHammock CLIPPER, weatherproof
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Hammock CLIPPER XL, weatherproof Hammock CLIPPER XL, weatherproof

When we turned our attention to the subject of hammocks 15 years ago, we had the following ideas: We didn't want to follow the "mainstream" because we saw the results in the millions of cotton hammocks from South America, India, China, etc. After intensive research and technical discussions we were very critical of cotton as a plantation crop. Our conclusion: No cotton hammocks, as they are not weatherproof, have to be removed when it rains and are difficult to maintain. Our solution was to be a technical fabric that was always controllable and testable in detail.

Other hammock wishes: Can be used outside all year round, in sun, rain, snow. Extremely resilient, durable and easy to care for. Stains from ice cream, chocolate, red wine or bird droppings must be easy to wipe off. Everything is skin-friendly and hygienic, as you often lie on the hammock with bare skin. Who would want to feel the sweat of the predecessors? Just wipe with a wet cloth or spray with a hose and everything is ok again (not possible with absorbent cotton). Safety is also important! Everyone has experienced it: you climb in on one side and you fall out on the other side. When you finally lay down, it was wobbly and unsafe. Absolutely unacceptable for us. Everything should be safe, stable and comfortable and the lying comfort ergonomic and back-relieving.

Since we had no hammock experience at the time (by the way, neither do many suppliers and dealers, since only imported mass-produced goods are sold via shops), we allowed ourselves 2 years of development time. We presented our first hammock at a trade fair. Many competitors have admired and tried our CrazyChair Combo. A major hammock supplier then made the statement: "CrazyChair reinvented the hammock". We had nothing to add to that, because that's how it was. We have turned our backs on the mainstream, have broken new ground and have remained true to our philosophers to this day.

Our references are verifiable and do not only consist of so-called "likes". In addition to thousands of end consumers, well-known cruise companies discovered us 11 years ago.

In order to meet the requirements on board (sun/UV, salt water, safety, resilience, hygiene, care, continuous use by the passengers), CrazyChair hammocks were chosen. The brand is now one of the world's leading hammock outfitters, such as the fleets of TUI Cruises Mein Schiff, AIDA Cruises, RCCL, exclusive expedition cruise ships from National Geographic Endurance and mega yachts and private yachts. The fact that we consistently produce in Germany is very well received by our customers.