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Hängemattenständer „Lazy“ Edelstahl-Crazy ChairHammock stand LAZY stainless steel
Crazy Chair LUNO, Edelstahlständer, mit wetterfester SLIMLINE HängematteHängematten Ständer für Hängematte Gestell für Hängematte
Hammock stand LUNO stainless steel Sale price1.597,00 €
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Hammock stand DOPPIO stainless steel Hammock stand DOPPIO stainless steel
Crazy Chair SLIMBO, Edelstahlständer, mit wetterfester CLIPPER HängematteHammock stand SLIMBO stainless steel
Crazy Chair SOLA Edelstahlständer mit wetterfestem Hängesessel ONEHanging chair stand SOLA stainless steel
Hanging chair stand MONDO stainless steel Hanging chair stand MONDO stainless steel Ständer MEZZO mit Hängesessel ONEHanging chair stand MEZZO stainless steel
Hammock CAYO, weatherproof Hammock CAYO, weatherproof
Hammock CAYO, weatherproof Sale price2.990,00 €

We offer the matching stands for the Crazy Chair hanging chairs and hammocks. We process stainless steel as an outstanding material. We attach great importance to design, resilience and suitability for everyday use.
Stainless steel or, to put it more correctly, "chromium-nickel steel" is rust- and acid-resistant steel, which we process as standard in quality class 1.4301 or 304 AISI or also commonly referred to as V2A.
On special request and for a corresponding surcharge, we can also process stainless steel in quality 1.4404 or 316 AISI, also known colloquially as V4A.
Here, too, there are still improvements in quality in the final processing when it comes to extreme areas of application or purposes. Then we work together with a partner who refines the stainless steel surface finish in a patented process. We always have a sensible and convincing solution for the extreme requirements of our customers.
In exceptional cases, we switch to other materials if they come closer to realizing our idea, such as aluminum and bamboo. We describe why this is the case in the respective product legend.