I'm definitely not getting out of there again.

I can hardly understand how many times I have heard this sentence. Certainly more than 1,000 times in the last few years. The curious thing is that sentences are only said by women and not by men. But first things first: As an exhibitor at garden events or interior trade fairs, we present our Crazy Chair hanging chairs and hammocks. Of course, we invite visitors to try them out and take a seat in them. And then I hear him again, the sentence uttered by almost 90% of all interested parties: "I'm definitely not going to get out of it". For example, none of the women asked: “How do I sit down in there?” We are now used to it and manage it with charm, nice dialogues, the recognizable seating comfort and the promise that you can easily and alone get out of the hanging chair or hammock comes out to encourage almost all interested parties to try it out. As already mentioned, the success rate that women try out our hanging chairs / hammocks, despite initial concerns, is around 95%. 

But: 100% is the result when you sit and within seconds with a big smile and a smile and the great comments praise the seating comfort. Then the question almost always comes up: when does the fair close tonight? You just don't want to get up anymore, but continue to sit, swing, commute, relax and enjoy it all. And then all of a sudden - hey presto - the oh so cautious women, who were busy with initial concerns and obstacles, stand in front of me beaming and say to my friend who is standing by: "Look, it's easy to get out of there. You absolutely have to sit down there, Beate, do it, it's sooo great. How much does that cost?"

Despite all the success and the enthusiasm of those interested in our products, I wanted to pursue the sentence that has accompanied us for years and was looking for an explanation. So I asked a long-standing co-exhibitor (who of course also said so), courageously approached a few interested parties and interviewed a few good friends. 

The results: Definitely! They all had the same answers, worded slightly differently, but identical in content. None of the ladies asked how I sit down in the hanging chair. Apparently that didn't really matter to anyone. But coming out is different. Here in the back of my mind was the subliminal thought: How do I get out of this, do I act clumsy or stupid, how do I get my bottom out of the seat hollow, what do the others think when they watch me get up? Now we think we know, and we're working even harder to dispel these silent concerns. By the way: Men, whether thin or fat, old or young, don't care at all. They sit down and know, somehow I'll get out, let the others think what they want.

So, ladies, believe me, I would never embarrass you or expose you to the malicious smirks of other visitors. Trust me and our team, who will personally and unobtrusively show you how to simply and skilfully sit down in our hanging chairs or hammocks and come out again safely and elegantly. You will be enthusiastic!

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