In mid-December on the Mein Schiff 2 on the Canary Islands.

It was a tour for the regular hammock safety check. Then we check all hammocks installed on board for safety, i.e. shackles, ropes, seams, etc. These checks take place about every 1.5 years and serve to ensure the safety of the guests. Conclusion: everything is fine. We exchanged 1 hammock because there was a large red stain on the lying surface - made of paint - that couldn't be removed. We know that. When the ladies get ready for dinner in the afternoon, they paint their toenails while sitting in the hammock. And whoops, did the bottle of nail polish fall over. So we always know which color is currently in.

By the way, the funny animal figures are made by housekeeping. They surprise the guests in the cabins when the beds are turned down.

We still had some time to do shore excursions on our own. A few impressions.

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