Best friends: hammocks and boats.

Boats and hammocks have been an inseparable combination for ages. Hammocks were space-saving places for ship’s crews to rest and sleep. Over time, they had to make room for deck chairs, but flourishing cruise ship tourism has rediscovered the hammock, and it is increasingly offered to guests on the most luxurious of cruises. The special feeling of lounging in a hammock on board a ship, enjoying the sea breeze and sunset, is relaxation of the highest order.

Sonnenuntergang  Sonnenuntergang Schiff

One hammock is not like another.

A hammock must be able to satisfy the demands of being used on a ship, which are very different from those of hammocks used in the garden or on the balcony. They have to withstand the ravages of constant exposure to sea water, sun, UV radiation, often extreme daytime temperatures followed by cool nights. In addition, materials and workmanship must fulfill stringent standards of hygiene and care, strength, safety, fire protection regulation B1, and intensive wear and tear by guests.

Crazy Chair Pictogramme

Cruise ships and luxury liners.

Furnishings for cruise ships must withstand extreme conditions. A manufacturer whose products persist in this market can truly be considered top of the line. Compliance with safety, fire protection, and durability requirements is tested and documented to exacting standards. Any product that fails to meet those standards is out of the race, because the safety of the guests is top priority on a cruise ship – no ifs, ands or buts. We are proud to count companies like TUI Cruises, Costa Crociere, and AIDA Cruises among our customers.

     Crazy Chair Combo auf Schiff  Crazy Chair Combo TUI  Crazy Chair Slimline TUI  Crazy Chair Clipper Balkon  Crazy Chair Combo

Super yachts and large sailing ships

On these ships, design and color are particularly important, and owners want individually customized products in small numbers. The structures for mounting hammocks and hanging chairs are usually provided or are built in by the ship builder or owner. One of our long-term customers who had his 2nd super yacht (Kismet 94m) built by Lürssen Werft allows only Crazy Chair hammocks on board his ships.

Mega-Luxusyacht Kismet    Crazy Chair Clipper Grosssegler  Crazy Chair Clipper auf Großsegler

Private and charter yachts

Sailing ships and motor yachts in this category often have limited space for hammocks and hanging chairs. Sailing yachts offer lots of possibilities for mounting them, such as between jib and mast, from the mast with a spacer, between mast and tackle, hanging from the preventer or boom, the boom end, etc. Motor yachts and open boats, on the other hand, are a different story. When it is possible to incorporate a flybridge, a david, or a sturdy stainless steel bracket, chances are it can be done. Ultimately, every yacht is different and the conditions have to be considered individually. We have helped many customers in this area, so we have a wealth of experience at our disposal.

Crazy Chair Combo  Crazy Chair Hängesessel an Motoryacht    Slimline Segelyacht    CrazyChair Segelyacht  Slimline Segelyacht

Designer and manufacturer in the maritime premium segment.

Over many years, we have carved out a leading position in the area of all-weather hammocks and hanging chairs, and our know-how in the maritime segment is second to none. We use only materials that stand up to the tough requirements (sea water, sun/UV, care, strength, durability, safety) of maritime applications. These special maritime hammocks have a fire protection rating of B1 and are IMO, MID and TÜV certified.

Our hammocks SLIMLINE, COMBO and CAYO have been used on the TUI Cruises ships MS1 and MS2; some others are part of the furnishings of the Costa Neo Romantica. In 2015, AIDA Cruises commissioned us to completely equip their fleet of 7 ships with CLIPPER hammocks. In 2016, we will furnish the flag ship AIDAprima, and other ships are to follow.

Crazy Chair Clipper auf AIDA  Clipper auf AIDA  AIDA Hängematten

Incidentally: The CLIPPER is unique in its special all-weather design and the fact that it does not use dowels. Official institutes have confirmed the fact. Its design is patented in Europe and the US, is TÜV tested and entirely made in Germany.

Quality is our ticket to success.

Naturally, we are proud that our philosophy of quality in materials, workmanship and production made in Germany has been so successful in the past and feel certain that it is the way forward as well. It is appreciated by demanding yacht owners and renowned cruise lines alike, who trust us and decide to use our products.

If you are interested in our product line or have any questions, we will be happy to advise, provide concrete suggestions, and prepare a detailed proposal for you.