Weatherproof plus promise.

CrazyChair products that we classify as "weatherproof" are resistant to sun/UV, rain and snow.

We think that hammocks and hanging chairs have to be made for outdoors and have therefore decided on a weatherproof high-tech material.

If it suddenly rains, everything can just stay outside. And a few minutes after the rain shower, everything can be used again, because our weatherproof hammocks, hanging chairs and stands do not store any moisture. Everything can be left outside in winter without being covered, so nothing needs to be stowed away in the garden shed, garage or basement. At temperatures from -30° to +70°. Promised!

We also deliberately decided against cotton or similar because it gets very warm in hot temperatures. Our weatherproof material is skin-friendly, air-circulating and does not heat up uncomfortably in the heat.

Incidentally, this also applies to the weather-resistant straps, yarns, ropes and stainless steel safety shackles. If you live by the sea or use our products on yachts/ships, then that's just as unproblematic, because salt/sea water doesn't bother you.