Crazy Chair products, which we label "weatherproof", are resistant to sun/UV, rain and snow. This applies not only to the weatherproof micro-grid fabric, whose colours are still beautiful to look at even after many years, but also to the weatherproof webbing, yarns, ropes and stainless steel safety shackles. The micro-grid fabric is dimensionally stable, tear-resistant, robust and durable. If you live by the sea or use our products on yachts / ships, this is just as unproblematic, because salt / sea water does not bother you, even after years. With so much "technology" the weatherproof fabric has even more advantages: It is kind to the skin, circulates air, does not heat up unpleasantly in hot weather, does not leave ugly stripes or grid patterns on the skin when sunbathing and is easy to care for. If your wine glass spills over while chilling, the ice cream cone or chocolate melts or the bird unfortunately also immortalizes itself. Forget it - just wipe it off with a damp cloth and it's done. Think about how relaxing it is when it suddenly rains and everything can just stay outside - not having to put anything away. And a few minutes after the rain shower everything is ready for use again, because our weatherproof hammocks, hanging chairs and stands do not store moisture. Oh well - there is one more thing you should like: In winter everything can stay outside without having to cover up, so you don't have to store anything in the garden shed, garage or cellar. Everything is possible, at temperatures from -30° to +70°. That's a promise!