If you have any questions about our products, please feel free to call, email or fax us. We would like to give you some answers to the frequently asked questions. Even for the "insiders" among you who have known and used our products for many years, there still seems to be some news.

It is an extremely robust high-tech microgrid fabric. Kind to the skin, does not heat up in strong sunlight and remains pleasantly cool and airy. It does not fade, is UV-stable, resistant to moisture (rain, seawater, pool) and easy to clean with a sponge and water.
Hanging chair armrests
The armrests are colour-coordinated with the hanging chair and are already pre-assembled. They can be individually adjusted, which relieves the arms and shoulders. They are also flexible, which increases the relaxation effect.
bamboo stand
Because of its high stability, it is ideally suited for our PANDA stand. Bamboo is a natural product and tearing or splitting of the tubes is usually unavoidable. Less or more, depending on the weather. These cracks do not affect stability. Therefore it is not a reason for complaint. By the way: In Asian countries, bamboo poles are used for scaffolding.
Fixing hammock
It requires 2 fixed points. For our all-weather COMBO hammock, the distance should be from 3.80 m to 5.00 m. The height of the suspension points at a distance of 3.80 m (span length) should be approx. 1.40 m. If the distance is longer, increase the suspension points slightly. The hammock should be stretched taut for optimum comfort. The SLIMLINE hammock requires a distance of 2.60 m to 4.00 m. With a span length of 2.60 m, the two suspension point heights would be approx. 1.35 m and with a span length of 4.00 m approx. 2.00 m high. The SLIMLINE should not be stretched taut and should not be hung in such a way that the typical shape can swing out without tension.
Attachment hanging chair
The hanging chair needs a stable hanging point from which it is hung with a rope. For example on the tree, on the swing frame, on the balcony parapet, on the roof gable, on the pergola, in the house on the concrete ceiling or on a wooden beam. Or you can use one of the stands offered. The minimum hanging height should be 2 m.
fastening material
We don't know the circumstances at the customer's and they are very different. That's why we offer various attachments as options: Drop-in anchors for concrete ceilings, eyelet bolts for wooden beams, pre-stretched ropes for suspension, sheathing as rope protection, rope slings, stainless steel chains, etc. We're happy to provide tips.
You could simply translate it as "crazy". But there are many meanings in different word combinations, eg in American slang it also means wonderful, excellent, perfect: That's crazy, man, crazy. No matter how you look at it: Our products are crazy and without being crazy yourself, you can't meet this demand for quality, perfection and design in the long run. That's it.
crazy chair
We have had the name "Crazy Chair" internationally protected as a trademark. We cherish our brand, under which we now manufacture and market an extensive collection of hanging chairs, hammocks and stainless steel stands. Our production is in Germany (Bavaria), which clearly distinguishes us from most of our competitors. We take care of design, material, workmanship, testing, quality control and marketing. The production is regularly checked by TÜV.
You can argue about taste - not about design. It's not about whether you like it or not. We understand design in our product range as the consistent implementation of clear shapes and lines, mercilessly doing without frills and inessentials, emphasizing important things and combining everything into a convincing product using high-quality materials and workmanship. Functionality, simplicity, robustness, comfort, durability and ecology are essential criteria of our decision-making and production processes.
Material Dynamica
It is the new generation of a non-woven product and has thus established itself as a high-quality microfibre material with an elegant suede look. It is pleasantly soft and non-slip and made of solid, stable material quality. Dinamica does not pill, is breathable and is characterized by a pleasant seating climate. Stains can be easily removed, is washable up to 40°, has the ISO and ECO certificate, is environmentally friendly, free of pollutants and therefore also suitable for allergy sufferers. We offer the hanging chairs made of Dinamica in around 100 colours. More on this under Material Color Care .
swivel shackle
Swivel shackles made of V4A stainless steel (or material no. 1.4404 or 316 AISI) are used for simple and secure attachment. All hanging chairs and hammocks are made up by us with it. With the hanging chair, it has decisive advantages: you can use it to adjust the hanging chair so that you can look in your desired direction without letting the rope dictate the direction. In addition, the swivel shackles prevent the suspension rope from "twisting", which happens as a result of constant turning in one direction (popular with children). In the most unfavorable case, the result would be that the screw fastening, for example on the concrete ceiling, would unscrew.
stainless steel
It is the modern material of our time, not nearly as maintenance-intensive as wood, extremely stable and comparatively light. The correct term for "stainless steel" or "V2A or V4A" is "chromium-nickel steel". This designates rust- and acid-resistant steels. As a basic version, we process the material no. 1.4301 or V2A or material 304 AISI. On special request and for a corresponding additional price, we can also manufacture our products in material no. 1.4404 or V4A or material 316L AISI. AISI is the abbreviation for: American Iron and Steel Institute.
material fleece
If it's really cold, you'll be happy about a sweater or vest made of fleece. Since fleece is not just fleece, we have consistently opted for the best qualities. From these we then produce the BALU complete covers for hanging chairs and the KATTA neck pillow.
Foot part on the hanging chair
The rope can be adjusted in length to put the legs in an optimal position. To do this, pull the rope out a little on the sling (at the top of the S-hook) or guide it back into the hollow rope. Details in the instructions for use.
weight load
The weight loads of our products have been tested by TÜV-Süd. The ONE hanging chair with stainless steel spreader bars has a seating load of up to 150 kg, the COMBO hammock with stainless steel spreader bars has a lying load of up to 250 kg, the SLIMLINE and CLIPPER hammocks have a lying load of up to 150 kg. and the CAYO hammock has a lying load of 300 kg. The stainless steel stands SOLA, MEZZO, MONDO and SLIMBO can be loaded up to 150 kg, the PURO up to 200 kg, the LAZY up to 250 kg and the DOPPIO up to 300 kg. The corresponding equipment with wooden poles is less resilient.
Hanging chair cover BALU
BALU is what we call the complete covers made of high-quality fleece that we manufacture to fit the hanging chair. The covers are a useful addition to the Crazy Chair All Weather. A cosily warm, cozy alternative for indoor use. The covers are attached to the hanging chair with a zip, can be easily pulled on and off and are easy to care for in the washing machine (delicate cycle) and dryer.
Hanging tray RONDO
It is attached to the hanging chair with a webbing and thus moves freely (gimballed). Absolutely practical and pleasant. And the great thing: It can be used perfectly in the household as a normal tray and you will discover the ingenious carrying and serving comfort after just a few minutes. You always have one hand free to open doors or climb stairs safely. In combination with the REMO hanging tray stand, another mobile and convenient extension.
Knee cushion PRONTO
Very practical for everyone who would like to put down the coffee cup, read a heavy book, write a letter or work with the laptop. You put PRONTO on your thighs like a "lap tray" when you're sitting in a hanging chair. The soft cushion, filled with styrofoam balls, hugs the shape of the body and is stable. It has a sealed smooth cork board that is easy to wipe clean. PRONTO is available as an accessory in matching all-weather colors for the Crazy Chair.
Material leather
Leather is a matter of trust. We only offer qualities of German origin, from southern German bulls, from well-known German tannery. This is the only way we can ensure that we use leather that has not been treated with chemicals suspected of being carcinogenic. For the Crazy Chair we use bull leather from the coveted center pieces. Conventional leather, such as that used for seating, is too thin for us and would have to be backed. We don't want that. That's why we only process very, very thick (approx. 3.5 mm) tanned leather, in which the full leather grain and naturalness come into their own. The smooth surface is the seat side and the rough surface is the back of the hanging chair.
Made in Germany
This is where we live and work. And here we know each other. That's why we decided consistently and out of conviction for the production location Germany and thus against mass-produced goods from low-wage countries. We are a manufactory in Bavaria. This is where our ideas for design, material and processing mature, from which we then manufacture the products of the Crazy Chair collection. We have every work step under control, can take individual customer requests into account and check every part before it goes to the customer. There are no container goods in the yard that have to be sold as stock goods, but we produce "just in time", which is defined by the customer orders. So fresh goods, ready to use, for longevity and satisfaction.
Neck pillow KATTA
We designed it especially for the hanging chair and make it from fleece and terry cloth with a soft filling. With the fleece band sewn on and equipped with a weight at the end, you can place it at the right height on the hanging chair as required.
Different materials require individual care. Please visit our detailed information page Material + Color + Care on this topic.
The prices can be seen in the shop. Of course you can also contact us independently (by e-mail, telephone, fax). Then we will be happy to provide information and give you all the details on domestic and foreign prices, shipping, freight and delivery times.
quality + processing
It is the decisive things such as seating comfort, material quality, processing, weight load and size, manufacturer and country, guarantee, advice and service that ultimately define quality. The price certainly plays an important role in the purchase decision. But be aware: quality has its price. Crazy Chair is consistent and "Made in Germany" out of conviction.
We strive to help you quickly, inexpensively and fairly. We attach great importance to satisfied customers and actively seek the best solution. Trust in it: You always talk to the manufacturer in Germany!
back relaxation
We are convinced, many specialists (orthopaedists) have confirmed it to us and thousands of customers are enthusiastic about the seating ergonomics and comfort. In addition to private households, our Crazy Chair ONE is also used in wellness areas, public areas and facilities for the disabled. Surely that speaks for itself.
Drop-in anchor for concrete fastenings
It is a galvanized steel dowel with a ring eyelet that is only suitable for concrete ceilings or walls. It is used to suspend the hanging chair from concrete ceilings or from hammocks between two concrete walls. Its simple assembly and high load capacity guarantee safe hanging pleasure. All you have to do is drill a 10 mm hole in the concrete ceiling, about 7-8 cm deep. Insert the drop-in anchor, tighten the nut, unscrew the eyelet, tighten and you're done. Now pull the hanging rope from the hanging chair through the eyelet and knot the ends of the rope to form a sling. Hang the spring in this sling and then the swivel shackle from the hanging chair. For other masonry, eg bricks, hollow blocks, etc., other suitable dowels (hinged anchors, chemical dowels) must be used. Incidentally, conventional “plastic dowels” are not recommended for heavy-duty ceiling suspension. They become soft after a long time, can decompose in the masonry and have too little hold under heavy loads.
ropes / suspension ropes
The rope must correspond to the carrying capacity of the hanging chair or hammock. Other requirements are: weatherproof, pre-stretched, not twisted, good abrasion protection. Trust the ropes that we offer especially for hanging chairs and hammocks, with a working load of 350 kg (breaking strength of 1,230 kp.). The suspension ropes, the ropes of the struts and the webbing are always black. There are technical and visual reasons for this. It goes with all materials and underlines the design. Dirt in outdoor use is low and black absorbs the sun best.
ropes / hollow ropes
We use special hollow ropes for hanging chairs and hammocks. Here we do not mean the ropes for suspension, but the ropes with which we tie our products. The hollow ropes allow us the possibility of “splicing”. So we can do without knots. Spliced ​​connections are more complex, but they look better and are extremely durable. We have the hollow ropes we use produced by one of the well-known rope manufacturers in Germany especially for our needs. These ropes have a certified test (1,200 kp breaking load / approx. 600 kg working load) and are woven exclusively for us.
Sun canopy OMBRA
A pleasant, shady accessory. It looks good because it is made of the same all-weather material, matching the color of the hanging chair ONE. It is easy to attach, can be retrofitted at any time and is practical because it also has a small storage bag.
spiral spring
We have the spiral spring made of spring steel specially made for us so that we can have a say in the quality of the load capacity (up to 150 kg) and safety. The spiral spring is hung between the suspension rope and the swivel shackle. It is included in the scope of delivery of the Crazy Chair hanging chair, but can also be ordered separately as an addition.
Wooden spreader bars
We only use high-quality round timber made from white ash. They are native woods that are not subject to overexploitation in the rainforest. These are treated several times with wood oils and are therefore weatherproof. With permanent outdoor use, the wood should be treated 2-3 times a year with a cloth and wood care oil.
Stand for hammock
We only produce the stands LAZY, SLIMBO, PURO, CAYO and BUDDY in stainless steel. Stainless steel requires much less care than wood, is more durable, very resilient and has become more and more popular as a material in the outdoor area in recent years. Stainless steel is certainly more expensive than wood - but longevity and robustness prevail. In terms of design, it is much more delicate and therefore less bulky than the wood alternatives.
Stand for hanging chair
Here, the purpose of use, personal taste and budget should be coordinated in the first place. We manufacture 3 stainless steel versions (SOLA, MEZZO, MONDO), 1 aluminum version (TRIGO) and 1 bamboo version (PANDA).
Our production is TÜV-certified. Our products SOLA, LAZY, COMBO, SLIMLINE, ONE, CLIPPER have been subjected to the strict test criteria of TÜV-Süd and bear the TÜV+GS seal. In addition, we arrange tests under the most extreme conditions or long-term loads. When purchasing materials, we pay attention to the relevant certifications (ecological, durable, harmless, etc.). This has proven itself over many years and guarantees us satisfied customers.
Hanging chair seat angle adjustment
The inclination of the seat can be individually adjusted on the hanging chair, from sitting upright to half-lying. This is easy to do without tools, within a few seconds. Details in the instructions for use.
Weatherproof doesn't just mean impervious to rain. The material must have optimal properties, especially in strong sunlight and UV radiation. The all-weather material we use for hanging chairs and hammocks meets these requirements and more: seawater doesn't bother it. It does not heat up in extreme sun, stays pleasantly cool and airy, does not stick, is pleasant on the skin, has been tested for allergies, has been treated with fungicides against micro-bacteria, retains the color intensity and does not fade. Of course, our stands made of stainless steel and aluminum are absolutely weatherproof.
winter storage
Since you will hardly use a hammock or hanging chair outside in winter, you can easily remove and stow them away. If you want to overwinter it in the garden shed or similar places, please make sure that mice or other rodents cannot nibble on it. The hanging chair is also ideal for use in the home, for example in the living room, in the reading corner, in front of the tiled stove or in the children's room. If you combine it with a BALU cover, it is cozy and warm to sit in. The stands are easy to disassemble and therefore easy to stow away (garage, alcove, etc.). The stainless steel stands can also be left outside without further ado.