If you have questions about our products, please feel free to call us or send an e-mail or fax. Answers to some of the most frequently asked questions are listed below. There are always some new facts, even for the “insiders” among you who have known and used our products for many years.

All-weather material
It is an extremely robust high-tech micro weave. It is skin-friendly and does not heat up in the sun but remains pleasantly cool to the touch. The colors do not fade; it is UV-fast, water resistant (rain, sea water, pool) and cleans up easily with just water and a sponge.
Hanging chair armrests
The armrests in colors to match the hanging chair come pre-assembled. They are individually adjustable to relive arms and shoulders, and movable to increase the relaxing effect.
Bamboo frame
Bamboo is the perfect material for our frame PANDA because of its high stability. Bamboo is a natural product and, depending on the climate, some tearing and splitting of the poles cannot be avoided. These tears, however, do not affect the stability of the material, so they are not considered a defect. Incidentally: Bamboo is used for building scaffolding in Asian countries.
Mounting a hammock
Mounting a hammock requires 2 fixed points. For our all-weather hammock COMBO, they should be 3.80 m to 5.00 m apart. At a distance of 3.80 m (span length), the mounting points should be about 1.40 m from the ground. If the distance is longer, the suspension points should be a bit higher. For optimum comfort, the hammock should be stretched taut. The hammock SLIMLINE requires two points about 2.60 m to 4.00 m, with the height of the suspension points about 1.35 meters at a distance of 2.60 meters and about 2.00 m at a distance of 4.00 m. The SLIMLINE should not be stretched taut and hang in such a way that the typical shape is loosely suspended.
Mounting a hanging chair
The hanging chair needs a stable suspension point from which it is hung by means of a rope. This could be a tree, a swing set, balcony railing, roof gable, pergola, or inside the house from a concrete ceiling or a wooden roof beam. Alternatively, you can use one of our frames. The minimum height should be 2 m.
Mounting material
These depend on the structures available at the customer’s location, which can vary greatly. We therefore offer different mounting options: concrete anchors for concrete ceilings, eyelet screws for wood beams, pre-stretched ropes for hanging, rope sheathes for protection, rope loops, stainless steel chains, etc. We’ll be glad to help you choose the one that’s right for you.
The strict dictionary definition of the word just means “insane”, but it has taken on a lot of other meanings in different phrases, so it can variously mean wonderful, excellent, perfect: That’s crazy, man, crazy. Whichever way you look at it: our products are crazy, and you can’t build chairs of crazy quality, perfection and design without being a little crazy yourself. That´s it.
Crazy Chair
We have obtained international protection for the brand “Crazy Chair”. We do everything to nurture our brand, which now contains a broad range of hanging chairs, hammocks, and stainless steel frames. We produce in Germany (Bavaria), which clearly sets us apart from most competitors. We manage everything from design, material, and workmanship to testing, quality control, and marketing. Our manufacturing facility is regularly TÜV inspected.
One can argue about taste – but not about design. We don’t men whether you like our chairs or not. The design that goes into our products is the consistent implementation of clear shapes and lines, dispensing mercilessly with any frills and non-necessities, emphasizing the essentials, and combining it all with high-quality materials and excellent workmanship to make a convincing product. Functionality, simplicity, robustness, comfort, durability, and ecology are substantial criteria for our decision-making and production processes.
Material Dinamica
This is a new generation of a non-woven product and has become established as a premium microfiber fabric with an elegant suede look. It is pleasantly soft and supple, yet sturdy and strong at the same time. Dinamica does not pill, is breathable, and compels with its pleasant feel. Stains come out easily, as the material is washable up to 40°. It is ISO and ÖKO certified, so it is environmentally friendly, free of pollutants, and hypo-allergenic. The Dinamica hanging chairs are available in about 100 colors. More information under Material Color Care. .
Swivel shackles
Swivel shackles of V4A stainless steel (or Material No. 1.4404 or 316 AISI) let you suspend your product easily and safely. All hanging chairs and hammocks are delivered with the shackles pre-fitted. For the hanging chairs, they are a distinct advantage: you can adjust your hanging chair so you can look in any direction you desire regardless of the location of the suspension rope. Also, the swivel shackles stop the suspension rope from getting twisted, which can happen when the chair is continuously turned in one direction (a popular activity with children). In the worst case, this could cause the screw-in anchor to twist out, for instance from a concrete ceiling.
Stainless steel
It is one of the modern materials of our time, requires much less care than wood, is extremely sturdy, yet comparatively light.  The correct term for “stainless steel” or "V2A or V4A" is "nickel chromium steel“, which refers to acid and corrosion resistant types of steel. We use Material No. 1.4301 or V2A, or Material 304 AISI. Upon request and for an additional charge, we can also produce our frames with Material No. 1.4404 or V4A, or Material 316L AISI. AISI stands for American Iron and Steel Institute.
Material Fleece
When there is a biting chill in the air, nothing warms us like a sweater or vest made of fleece. Since all fleece materials are not the same, we consistently select the best qualities available. We use them for our BALU hanging chair covers and KATTA neck pillows.
Footrest of the hanging chair
The length of the rope is adjustable, so you can get your legs in the perfect position. To adjust, pull the rope a little ways out of the loop (at the top of the S-hook) or feed it back into the hollow rope. See your owner’s manual for details.
Weight capacity
The weight capacities of our products are tested by TÜV-Süd. The hanging chair ONE with stainless steel dowels has a seated weight capacity of up to 150 kg. The COMBO hammock with stainless steel dowels has a reclining capacity of up to 250 kg., and the SLIMLINE and CLIPPER hammocks can hold up to 150 kg. The CAYO hammock even stands up under a weight of 300 kg. The stainless steel frames SOLA, MEZZO, MONDO and SLIMBO hold up to 150 kg, while the PURO is designed to carry up to 200 kg, the LAZY up to 250 kg, and the DOPPIO up to 300 kg. The versions with wooden poles have lower weight capacities.
Hanging chair cover BALU
The top-quality fleece covers we make for our hanging chairs are called BALU. The covers are a practical accessory for the all-weather Crazy Chair, and a warm, cuddly alternative for indoor use. The covers are attached to the hanging chairs with zippers, are easy to put on and take off, and can be conveniently machine washed (gentle cycle) and dried.
Hanging tray RONDO
It is attached to the hanging chair with a strap, so it moves freely (gimbal-supported). Absolutely practical and pleasant. And the best thing: It can be used in the home just like a normal tray. You’ll discover the ingenious and comfortable handling of the gimballed tray in minutes, as it always leaves one hand free to open doors or hold on to banisters when climbing stairs. Combined with the hanging tray rack REMO it is another mobile and convenient accessory.
Knee tray PRONTO
Very practical when you want to put down your cup of coffee, read a heavy book, write a letter, or work with your laptop. Just place PRONTO on your thighs like a “lap tray” when you are seated in your hanging chair. The soft cushion filled with Styrofoam pellets conforms to your body shape for a firm hold. It has a smooth, coated cork board that is easy to clean. PRONTO is available as an accessory in the all-weather colors to match your Crazy Chair.
Material Leather
Leather is a matter of trust. We only use leather of German origin, from Southern German bulls, prepared in a renowned German tannery. This way, we can be sure that our leather was not treated with chemicals suspected of being carcinogenic. For the Crazy Chair, we use the coveted center pieces of bull hides. Conventional leather that is used in making furniture is too thin; we would have to add a liner. We don’t want to do that, so we only use very thick (about 3.5 mm) tanned leather that retains its full grain and naturalness. The smooth side is used for the seats; the rough side is on the outside of the hanging chair.
Made in Germany
Germany is where we live and work, and where we know the ins and outs of the business. This is why we have deliberately decided for production in Germany and against mass-produced goods from low-wage countries. We are a manufactory in Bavaria. This is where our ideas mature into design, material, and workmanship and culminate in the products of our Crazy Chair Collection. We control every step of the process, can fulfill individual customer requests, and test every single product before it is shipped to the customer. There are no storage containers on the premises with stock goods to be sold. We produce “just in time” according to customer orders. That means all of our products are fresh, made for immediate use, durability, and satisfaction.
Neck pillow KATTA
We designed it especially for the hanging chair, and manufacture it with fleece or terrycloth and a soft stuffing. With the sewn-in fleece band that is equipped with a weight, you can place it at whatever height is most comfortable, and be sure it stays put.
Different materials require individual care. Please visit our detailed information page Material + Color + Care.
All prices are shown on the shop pages. Of course, you can always contact us (via e-mail, phone, fax), and we will be glad to answer your questions and provide details on local and international pricing, shipping, and delivery times.
Quality + workmanship
Quality is ultimately defined by essential factors like comfort, material properties, workmanship, weight capacity and size, manufacturer and origin, warranty, and not least consulting and service. Certainly, the price is also an important aspect for the purchasing decision, but please remember: quality has its price. Crazy Chair is consistently and consciously “Made in Germany”.
We strive to help you quickly, fairly, and at the lowest possible cost to you. Your satisfaction is one of our top priorities, so we actively work on finding the best solution for you. You can depend on it: you will always be dealing with a manufacturer in Germany!
Back relief
We are convinced of it, many orthopedic specialists have confirmed it, and thousands of customers are delighted with the comfort and ergonomic properties of our chairs. Our Crazy Chair ONE is used not only in private homes but also in wellness areas, public areas, and care facilities for disabled persons. We will let that speak for itself.
Anchor bolt for concrete mounting
It is a galvanized steel anchor with an eyelet suitable only for concrete ceilings or walls. It is used for suspending the hanging chair from concrete ceilings or mounting hammocks between two concrete walls. Its simple installation and high weight capacity guarantee that you will enjoy your product safely. You simply drill a 10 mm hole about 7-8 cm deep into the ceiling, insert the anchor bolt, tighten the nut, screw the eyelet on firmly, and you are done. Now feed the suspension rope of the hanging chair through the eyelet and tie the ends of the ropes in a loop. Insert the spring into the loop and attach the swivel shackle of the hanging chair. For other types of masonry, such as brick, hollow block, etc., you will need to use other suitable anchors (fold anchors, chemical anchors). Conventional “plastic anchors” are not recommended for the heavy duty of ceiling suspension. They soften with time, can become brittle within the wall, and do not offer enough capacity for heavy weights.
Ropes / suspension ropes
First of all, the rope has to match the weight capacity of the hanging chair or hammock. Other requirements are that it must be weather-resistant, pre-stretched, not twisted, and have abrasion protection. You can trust the ropes we offer especially for our hanging chairs and hammocks to have a working capacity of 350 kg (breaking load of 1,230 kp.). The suspension ropes, connecting tie ropes, and straps are always black. There are technical as well as aesthetic reasons for this: black goes with all materials and emphasizes the design, it does not show dirt when used outdoors, and black best absorbs sunlight.
Ropes / hollow ropes
For our hanging chairs and hammocks we use special hollow ropes, not just for the suspension but also for the tie connections of our products. The hollow ropes allow us to use “splicing” for the connections, so we do not need to tie knots. Spliced connections are more elaborate, but they look better and are extremely long-lasting. The hollow ropes we use for our products are specially made to our specifications by a respected German rope manufacturer. These ropes pass a certified load test (1,200 kp breaking load / about 600 kg working capacity) and are only made for Crazy Chair.
Sun shade OMBRA
This accessory provides pleasant shade on sunny days. It looks great because it is made from the same all-weather material to match the hanging chair ONE. It is easy to attach at any time, and highly practical because it also has a small storage pouch.
Spiral spring
The spiral spring of spring steel is produced especially for Crazy Chair to our specifications of quality, safety, and weight capacity (up to 150 kg). The spring is inserted between suspension rope and swivel shackle. It is included with all Crazy Chair hanging chairs but can also be ordered separately.
Wooden dowels
We use only premium rods of White Ash. The trees are grown locally, so no tropical rainforest is exploited. The dowels are treated repeatedly with wood oils to make them weather-resistant. With permanent outdoor use, the dowels should be re-treated 2-3 times per year with a soft cloth and wood oil.
Frames for hammocks
We produce the frames LAZY, SLIMBO, PURO, CAYO and BUDDY in stainless steel only. Stainless steel needs less care than wood, is more durable, very strong, and has increasingly established itself as a preferred material for outdoor applications. Certainly it is more expensive than wood – but its durability and robustness well make up for the price. Stainless steel design is also more graceful, making the frames seem less massive than their wood alternatives.
Frames for hanging chairs
These should be chosen primarily according to purpose, personal taste, and budget. We manufacture 3 stainless steel versions (SOLA, MEZZO, and MONDO), 1 aluminum version, (TRIGO) and 1 bamboo version (PANDA).
Our production is TÜV certified. Our products SOLA, LAZY, COMBO, SLIMLINE, ONE, and CLIPPER were subjected to the tough testing criteria of TÜV-Süd and awarded the TÜV+GS seal of approval. We also initiate tests under extreme conditions such as long-term stress tests. We make sure that any materials we buy carry the requisite certifications (ecological, durable, non-harmful, etc.). This has proven to be a successful strategy over the years and has guaranteed our customers’ satisfaction.
Hanging chair inclination adjustment
The seating angle of the hanging chair is individually adjustable, from an upright to half-reclining position. It only takes a few seconds and does not require tools. Please see your owner’s manual for details.
All-weather means more than just resistant to rain. The material must have optimum properties for strong sun and UV exposure as well. The all-weather material we use for our hanging chairs and hammocks satisfies this requirement and more: salt water does not bother it. It does not heat up in direct sunlight, remains pleasantly and airily cool, does not stick, feels pleasant to the touch, is hypo-allergenic, treated with an anti-fungal agent against micro-bacteria, is colorfast and does not fade. Of course, our stainless steel and aluminum frames are also absolutely weather-resistant.
Winter storage
Since hammocks or hanging chairs are hardly used outdoors in the winter months, they are easy to take down and store. If you intend to store yours in a garden shed or similar location, please make sure that mice or other rodents cannot nibble on the products. The hanging chair is also ideal for indoor use, for instance in the living room, reading corner, in front of a tiled stove, or in the children’s room. Covered in a BALU fleece cover, it is cozy and warm and comfortable for lounging. The frames are easy to dismantle and store (garage, storage pantry, etc.). The stainless steel frames can even stay outdoors all winter without any problems.