Our premium material for unspoiled outdoor enjoyment can’t be beat for versatility. All-weather doesn’t just mean that it is unaffected by rain. A material has to have optimum properties to withstand exposure to sun and UV radiation. The all-weather material we use for our hanging chairs and hammocks satisfies those requirements and more: sea water cannot harm it. It does not heat up even in direct sun, remains pleasantly and airily cool, is pleasant to the touch, does not stick, is allergy tested, treated with an anti-fungal agent against micro-bacteria, is colorfast and does not fade. The all-weather material is easy to care for and complies with ÖkoTex Standard 100. The micro weave structure of the material is extremely tough, designed for durability and robustnes.

Care: Cleans up with just water and sponge. If needed, add a little laundry detergent. Do not use liquid detergents or high-pressure washers!

All-weather Mono:

Warp and woof are woven single-strand and available in many colors. The hanging chairs and hammocks made from this material compel with their clear, unmistakable, one-color look with a slightly glossy surface.

All-weather Duo:

This variant is woven double strand to achieve a two-color structure. Available in the colors "Sand" and "Platinum". This version also satisfies legal fire-prevention regulations of Class B2 “normal combustibility" that are required of for instance cruise ships, hotels, or public buildings.

All-weather 4x4:

The black variant is made in an elaborate 4-strand parallel warp and woof technique that gives the weave an exceptional look. The open weave pattern allows for more air circulation, so the black material heats up only slightly even in direct sunlight.

All-weather CanaTex:

An innovative variant with a natural hemp fiber worked into the synthetic fiber strand, resulting in a unique feel and a matte look. Available in the colors "Carmine Red" , "Brown", and "Nature" .


Dinamica is a modern, exclusive, non-woven microfiber material of the latest technology generation with excellent properties. A fabric with the “look & feel” of suede that is sure to draw attention. Aside from its visual sophistication, it also satisfies all special comfort demands. It is wonderfully soft and supple. We use it to manufacture hanging chairs in about 100 colors.

Care: Machine washable (up to 40° gentle cycle) and dryer safe. Please do not remove black ropes.


Crazy Chair ONE, Material Leder

Our leather comes from strong Southern German bulls and is tanned and processed in Germany. The open-pored leather is breathable and supple, and over time develops the typical leather patina that makes the Crazy Chair such an expressively beautiful piece. The thick leather is painstakingly cut and sewn to exacting standards of precision, a special challenge demanding a great deal of expertise from our craftsmen. The leather is available in dark brown and black.

Care: Rub with a leather care product occasionally.


We use high-quality fleece to produce seat covers for the hanging chair ONE. The material is pleasantly warm and cozy and available in many colors.

Care: Suitable for machine washing and drying.


For the dowels of our hanging chairs and hammocks, we use only premium White Ash rods from local forestry, so no rain forests are exploited. They are treated with wood oil to make them weather-resistant.

Care: With continuous outdoor use, the wood should be re-treated 2-3 times per year. Clean dowels first with a damp cloth, then apply a thin coat of wood oil.


The correct term for stainless steel is nickel chromium steel, which describes rust and corrosion resistant types of steel. It is the modern material of our time, requires much less care than wood, is extremely sturdy, yet comparatively light. We generally use high-quality stainless steel rated 1.4301, also called V2A or 304 AISI. Upon request and for an additional charge, we also use Material No. 1.4404, also called V4A or 316 AISI.

Care: Wipe dowels and frames with water and a soft cloth. For stubborn contamination, use some liquid stainless steel polish (non-abrasive). For thorough cleaning and protection we recommend "Stainless Polish by Starbrite". Under no circumstances use metallic sanding cloths or sponges!

Please adhere to use and care instructions included with the products!