The luxury of doing nothing.
Few other products spell leisure, sweet idleness, and relaxation as clearly as a hammock. It has been that way for generations, across all age groups. You see them on vacation and use them in the home, in public areas, wellness hotels, spas, theme parks and garden shows.
The message is usually the same: The host wants to spoil the guests and offer rest and relaxation in addition to the many new impressions. That is a nice touch.
But . . .
n the private home (garden, terrace, balcony, etc.), the owner decides which hammock or hanging chair to use and decision criteria are often spontaneous, or people bring back a hammock from their vacations as a souvenir. Even if the quality is not top-shelf, if the hammock is only for personal use, standards often are not as high.

In public areas, the bar is set much higher.
What is acceptable in the private home is often not sufficient for the public sector, where a whole different set of demands, rules, and criteria apply. Operators of wellness hotels, spas, garden shows, and cruise lines are well aware of this fact, as are their consultants, architects, technicians, purchasers, and service personnel.
Before being taken in by the lovely product images in catalogues and on web sites, you should examine your own situation and do some fact-finding.
For a sound decision on what products will satisfy your wishes and requirements, you’ll want to first get answers to questions of safety, strength, durability, material, workmanship, certification, care, warranty, price, color, design, manufacturer and origin, etc.
If you would like to surprise and indulge your guests with new impulses for relaxation, leisure, and recreation, we will be glad to put our experience as an outfitter to work for you.

We design and manufacture top quality hammocks, hanging chairs, and matching frames. It is our principle to produce exclusively in Germany, a fact that many of our customers in the high-end hotel and outdoor segment appreciate.

Some questions you should ask yourself.
We have put together a brief check list that should help you with your initial research and assessment:

  • Are you looking for hammocks and/or hanging chairs?
  • Is a there a sturdy place to suspend the product (trees, racks, etc.) or will you need to create new solutions?
  • Are the desired products weather-resistant (rain, sun, heat, cold, and resistant to sea water if used near the coast)?
  • Are the products strong and robust enough, and is their quality suitable for the intended purpose?
  • Do the products have a valid TÜV certification, and do they have to satisfy fire protection requirements?
  • Do you know the manufacturer (not the importer or dealer)?
  • Do you know where the product is manufactured (e.g. Germany or the Far East or low-wage countries)?
  • Would a product “Made in Germany” be advantageous?
  • What is the product’s maximum capacity (permanent use), e.g. it’s seating or reclining weight capacity?
  • How quickly can product-damage be repaired if defects/external damage occurs during use?
  • Do the material properties satisfy your quality requirements (cleaning, care, wear, etc.)?
  • Does the product make a positive, inviting overall impression so your guests/visitors will feel comfortable using it?
  • Does the product enhance your positive image and the quality of your activities (or does it seem cheap)?
  • Is your decision to use the product dependent on quality or on price?
  • Are there informative references about quality, purpose, experiences, quality of service, and customized solutions?

If you are interested in our product line or have any questions, we will be happy to advise, provide concrete suggestions, and prepare a detailed proposal for you.