Surprise and spoil your guests.

Just doing nothing.
Hardly any other product sends out such clear signals for leisure, lazing around and relaxation as the hammock. And that for generations - widely diversified, across all age groups. You see it on vacation, you use it in the private sphere, in public areas, wellness hotels, thermal baths, amusement parks and garden shows.
The message is usually the same: the provider wants to do something good for his guests and offer relaxation and recreation in addition to many impressions. So far so good.
But . . .
Which hammock or hanging chair you use in your private environment (property, garden, terrace, balcony, etc.) is up to you and the decision criteria are spontaneous or you have brought something with you from your vacation. Even if the quality is often critical, it is only for private, personal use. And sometimes you don't take it that seriously.

In public areas, the bar is set higher.
What is still possible in the private sphere is usually not tolerated in the public sphere. There are completely different requirements, rules and criteria to be observed here. The operators of wellness hotels, thermal baths, garden shows and cruise ships know this, as do their consultants, architects, technicians, buyers and service personnel.
Before you let yourself be inspired by beautiful product images in catalogs and on websites, you should clarify your own situation and compile facts.
In order to decide which products should meet the wishes and requirements, questions about safety, resilience, service life, material, processing, certification, care, guarantee, price, color, design, manufacturer and origin, etc. must first be answered.
If you want to surprise and pamper your guests with fresh impulses and want to intensify the "relaxation, leisure, recreation" area, we will be happy to assist you as an experienced furnishing partner with advice and action.

We are designers and manufacturers of high-quality hammocks, hanging chairs and matching stands and produce consistently and out of conviction in Germany. Many discerning customers from the hotel and horticultural sectors appreciate this.

Questions you should answer yourself.
We have prepared a small checklist for you here, which can make your research and evaluation a little easier at the beginning:

  • Are "hammocks" and/or "hanging chairs" required?
  • Are there existing, stable suspensions (trees, frames, etc.) or do new solutions have to be created?
  • Are the planned products weatherproof (in rain, sun, heat, cold and also sea water near the coast)?
  • Are the products sufficiently resilient, robust and qualitatively suitable for the application?
  • Do the products have a valid TÜV certification or do fire protection B1 requirements have to be met?
  • Do you know the manufacturer (does not mean the importer or dealer)?
  • Do you know the country of production (e.g. Germany or the Far East or low-wage countries)?
  • Would a product "Made in Germany" be an advantage?
  • How high are the product loads (continuous use), eg the weight of the seated or lying loads?
  • How quickly can product damage be rectified if defects/external damage occur during use?
  • Are the qualitative material properties convincing (cleaning, care, wear and tear, etc.)?
  • Does the product make a positive, inviting overall impression to make visitors/guests feel comfortable?
  • Does the product confirm your positive image and the quality of your activities (or does it seem too cheap)?
  • Is the quality or the price more decisive for the decision to use the product?
  • Are there meaningful references to quality, purpose, experience, quality of advice, individual solutions?

If you are interested or have any questions, we will be happy to advise you and make concrete suggestions and will work out an offer for you.