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Design, function, processing excellent. (Email: Customer Günter Ste...., Kassel)

Dear Ms Küllenberg, the hanging chair crazy-chair arrived today (01.08.). design, function and workmanship are excellent. the assembly was uncomplicated. Thank you again for the friendly and compre...

Hanging chair in Mallorca, Camp de Mar (e-mail: customer Thomas H., Bonn)

Hello Mr. Kuellenberg! Thank you very much for the tip! My new crazy chair will be hanging in beautiful surroundings (Mallorca / Camp de Mar) in two weeks and numerous "envious people" will get a ...

Thank you very much, everything is so easy. (Email: new customer Bernd W., Osnabrück)

I can only say thank you very much, things could work better in the business world "D" because everything was so simple. Thank you and all the best. Greetings to you enthusiastic new customer

"That's the hanging chair - whoops" (E-Mail: Customer Christina F., Munich)

Dear Pimiento team, our Sarah (8 years) got a hanging chair for Christmas. Unpacked the package (quote: "What's that?"), then when I took a closer look and picked it up, I heard the exclamation "Th...