i have back

Ich habe Rücken.

Many of you have probably heard the sentence or even said it yourself. A lot is demanded of our back. Wearing it the wrong way, sitting it, or spending the night on a bad mattress can cause back problems. Most of the time we only think about it when the time comes again and we can only move with difficulty. There are many ways to work towards a healthy back. This also includes correct and relaxed sitting.
We recommend the Crazy Chair hanging chair ONE for ergonomic and relieving sitting. It's designed to put your body in a state of levitation, with easy swaying and a completely relieving seating ergonomics to relax stressed muscles. And all this with a leisure feeling, by the way. Find out what else you can expect from the Crazy Chair ONE on our website. Also something about the topic "Powernap", the 15-minute energy sleep.
(March 15, 2016 is the nationwide campaign day for back health).

Crazy Chair One is ergonomic

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