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AIDA fleet exclusively equipped with Crazy Chair hammocks.

We have neglected our news entries a lot in the last few months. But there were many (good) reasons that led to this. So let's do a little review of the year to work up the "gaps" and of course to report something new with some pride. For us it was the year of the cruise ships and our new customer is called AIDA. After intensive discussions, tests and coordination, we were selected as the exclusive outfitter of the AIDA fleet . For us, of course, a great order, which confirms once again that we are right with our quality thinking Made in Germany. We have developed a hammock without spreader bars for AIDA, for use on narrow balconies. The AIDA hammock in the maritime outfit has all the certifications (TÜV, MID, IMO) required on cruise ships. This makes us probably the only manufacturer in the world to offer these qualities and features. And something else is important for the cruise guests: the hammocks no longer have to be requested from the on-board reception, but are already hanging on all balconies. Because they are weatherproof and so robust that the sun, sea and rain don't bother them.
We also took care of the suspension and installed the hammocks ourselves with our teams on board. So anyone who went on a cruise on one of the AIDA ships after the dates listed below could already get to know our CLIPPER hammocks or maybe even meet us in person.
AIDAsol 29.07. - 08.08.2015, AIDAmar 08.08. - 15.08.2015, AIDAdiva 16.08. - 26.08.2015, AIDAdiva 26.08. - 30.08.2015, AIDAluna 26.08. - 09/12/2015, AIDAmar 09/05. - 09/12/2015, AIDAstella 09/25. - 09.10.2015, AIDAsol 04.10. - 11.10.2015, AIDAblu 14.10. - 24.10.2015, AIDAbella 25.10. - 02.11.2015

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