12.10. - "Día de la Hispanidad" or also called "Columbus Day".

Columbus entdeckt Amerika und die Hängematte

The Spanish National Day on October 12th. is also called "Columbus Day". On the way to India, Christopher Columbus discovered America on October 12th, 1492. But Columbus not only discovered America on the Antilles, he also discovered the hammock. He described it in his log as webs of fibers, cotton and leaves. With Christopher Columbus, Amerigo Vespucci and other seafarers, it didn't take long before the "hamaca or hammock" found acceptance among sailors and then also in Europe and the high nobility marveled at them at exotic parties. Ultimately, however, it was the seafarers who discovered the advantages of the hammocks for themselves: space-saving, light, comfortable, good in rough seas (seasickness) thanks to the swinging balance, more hygienic than mattresses, easy to care for. Ships and hammocks have thus entered into a close connection.

CrazyChair CLIPPER on a tall ship

Today is also a holiday for us. As a manufacturer of high-quality hammocks, which we produce in several model variants exclusively in Germany, we have implemented the needs and wishes of today's customers. Modern materials, precise processing, weatherproof properties, safe and non-tilting designs and a modern look. In addition to thousands of customers who use our products at home, we continue to use them on ships. Because as a cruise ship outfitter, we install our CrazyChair hammocks on the balconies, suites and sun decks of the ships. Just pay attention to this on your next cruise, for example with the fleet of AIDA Cruises, TUI Cruises Mein Schiff, National Geographic and others.

CrazyChair CLIPPER on a sailing yachtCrazyChair SLIMLINE on a cruise shipCrazyChair OYSTER on cruise ship

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