Click - and you think of vacation.

Klick - und man denkt an Urlaub.

Columbus first mentioned the hammock in his logbook on October 17, 1492. In the meantime, it has established itself worldwide as an indispensable piece of "lounger furniture".

But the hammock is also a symbol of vacation, leisure time and relaxation. No travel company or travel agency can do without the effect of motifs such as "Hammock on the beach between palm trees" in the brochures or shop window decorations. Click - and everyone gets that holiday feeling, inner images are there again and you would like to travel immediately.

My tip 1: If you can get into the holiday mood that easily. then buy a hammock, lie in it more often and dream of palm trees and the sea. It relaxes and lifts your spirits.

Did you know what great advantages a hammock has on cruise ships and sailing yachts? Sure - you can really relax in it. But lying in the hammock also helps with the seasickness feared by many passengers. Due to the freely swinging lying position, the unpleasant rolling movements of the ship are alleviated or evened out.

Quotation from officer student Frank I on the Gorch Fock. "I know I get seasick faster than others... Thank God our bed is a hammock, snug, especially in bad weather - the ship rolls and pitches, the mat swings freely and stays still."

The doctor Gerhard Boecken from the Maritime Medical Institute of the Navy in Kiel says that Columbus' furniture "belongs in every on-board pharmacy". "If possible, you should sleep in a hammock that compensates for the rolling movements of the ship". A clear statement.

Some cruise lines offer hammocks for passengers on the balcony staterooms - from us, CrazyChair. In addition to the advantages that you can lie in them with your back relaxed (winner of the Innovation Prize for Ergonomics 2021), they are a real asset on the balcony.

My tip 2: When booking a balcony stateroom with AIDA or Mein Schiff or National Geographic, make sure that there is a hammock. Otherwise request one. And since no one knows how the waves will develop during the voyage, you can prevent the ship from rolling.

And what was it like at the beginning of the article: buy the same hammock for your home, because then you can easily extend your travel memories while lying in it.
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