My Ship 4: Canary Islands

Mein Schiff 4: Kanarische Inseln

The CrazyChair Nautic Team was from October 30th to November 6th. on the MS4 to subject all Oyster, Slimline and Clipper hammocks to the "Maintenance & Safety Check" program. The warm and sunny weather was perfect for the work we did on deck 15. Plenty of space to clean with water and plenty of wind to quickly dry all the hammocks so they could be hung back on the passengers' suites. We were very happy with the result. If you are then also praised by the hotel director and general manager for the work you have done and the great appearance of the hammocks, you are particularly pleased. Mein Schiff 4 in the harbor at night

CrazyChair Oyster Hammock Cleaning

CrazyChair Oyster hammock is knotted with new ropes and thimbles

CrazyChair Oyster on the MS4 Sky & Sea Suite

CrazyChair OYSTER hammock on Mein Schiff 4MS4 Hotel DirectorMS4 General Manager

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