AIDAperla - the new flagship leaves the shipyard.

Arrived at the MHI shipyard in Nagasaki on April 20, 2017. The 5-strong Crazy Chair team has now been on its feet for over 28 hours. In the evening on the AIDAperla, the first instruction meeting was held with the security people on board and took part in a security exercise. Now it's going to bed and tomorrow at 8 a.m. we'll start hammock installations. A total of over 1,130 Clipper hammocks have to be installed on the balconies. In addition, the appropriate rope lengths, of which there are 14 different lengths, 60 cm to 180 cm. We all have to cut them to size on board using hot cutters. Enough to do and totally motivated.

Crazy Chair assembly team for AIDAperlaAIDAperla at the MHI shipyard in NagasakiCrazy chair assembly team for AIDAperla and long aislesmany many many clipper hammockslong balconies when the intermediate doors are openWaiting for the elevator for the next load of hammocksthis is how it looks finishedlet's go, done soonevening atmospherereason to toast

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