Everything is different - but exciting.

Alles anders - aber spannend.

Everything is in motion and we have learned to keep reinventing ourselves. After 11 years on the road in our beloved MORELO, we decided at the end of 2021 to sell it. During our many garden fairs in Germany, we practically lived in it for several months a year. It was not only our home, but also our office, our transport vehicle for our entire trade fair exhibition equipment (in the smart garage) and our "nest". Undisputedly a luxurious motorhome with every comfort at 9.5m. But you also have to learn to live and work in 25 square meters. It was a great time.

But we had other plans. Wanted a permanent home again, a larger living area, more space. In the meantime we have discovered, found and learned to love it.

Step 1: A T-ROC. Step 2: a trailer for our trade fair transport. Step 3: our office in Ratzeburg. Step 4: our showroom, warehouse, office and apartment in Mallorca. Step 5: maintain our mobility between Germany, Mallorca, cruise ships, etc. Now we are curious to see how long this new concept will fulfill us. Longer than the 11 years with MORELO?


Above: MORELO - mobile home + office + trade fair transport vehicle

CrazyChair transport trailer

Trade fair transports with T-ROC and trailer

Showroom TrendStore Palma Mallorca

Showroom TrendStore Palma, Mallorca

Balcony in front of Mallorca Office

Above and below: View from the balcony, with hammock + hanging chair, from the office in Mallorca

Balcony in front of Mallorca Office

Balm for the soul

If you look over the computer screen, you can see that.

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