Enjoyed the summer at home too?

Auch den Sommer zu Hause genossen?

Who doesn't - because the classic beach holiday was hardly feasible due to the many Corona restrictions. One's own refuge became more important again. Many have renovated, refurbished, created new "oases of well-being". And to be honest - it was fun, wasn't it? We had many discussions with many customers at the garden trade fairs, which are now taking place again. What was particularly striking was the desire and creativity to create a cosy, relaxing lying/sitting culture even with little space. Perhaps these suggestions will help if you are not yet sure whether there is still room for a CrazyChair ONE hanging chair or a space-saving CrazyChair SLIMLINE or CLIPPER hammock. Our weather forecast announces a mild, sunny autumn. And everyone recommends spending more time in the fresh air - not only in Corona times. Depending on the region, you can even enjoy your mulled wine outside in a hanging chair with a warm jacket. Your other balcony/terrace furniture will then surely already be in the winter quarters. CrazyChair makes it comfortable for you in many ways: in the ergonomic sitting/lying quality, in the child's play of care and the weatherproof year-round suitability. Sun, rain and snow are always welcome at CrazyChair, because the products don't mind.

CrazyChair ONA on a small balcony

CrazyChair ONE on a small balcony at nightCrazyChair SLIMLINE hammock SiennaCrazyChair ONE hanging chair on the SOLA standCrazyChair ONE on SOLA stand

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