moving sitting - active relaxation

bewegtes Sitzen - aktive Entspannung

Back, heart and soul benefit from a break in a hanging chair: CrazyChair ONE is an active anti-aging program for every day.

Research teams have determined that we sit for more than nine hours a day, and that's not good news for our health. Because sitting puts a strain on the body. For this reason, experts from the Association for the Promotion of Posture and Movement, for example, recommend that you do without static seating furniture more often. They recommend “ moving sitting ”. This leads to less tension and better relaxation. Concentration increases, fatigue decreases. The ideal seating concept combines ergonomic shape and gentle movement. It stimulates the center of balance in the ear, which contributes to relaxation. This is exactly the reason why we like to swing so much. As a child we do it instinctively, we enjoy it. Gentle rocking is also very beneficial for adults. Resting in a hammock is also very relaxing. The hanging chair combines the best of two worlds. Gentle movement and the upright sitting position, as we assume it on a chair. A hanging chair is the prototype of sitting in motion.

The Institute for Health and Ergonomics (IGR ) has tested the CrazyChair ONE hanging chair and has now certified it. In order to obtain a certificate from the IGR, a number of criteria must be met. These product tests always consist of a test according to DIN 33419 / EN ISO 15537 and an extensive practical test. The IGR seal of approval gives the customer the certainty of purchasing a sensible and safe product.

CrazyChair ONNE ergonomic sitting
With a CrazyChair ONE it is easy and convenient to do something good for your health. The number 1 problem area for people who sit a lot is the back, and this is exactly what benefits from moving sitting in the CrazyChair ONE. Active sitting reduces back pain, especially when it originates in the lower lumbar and sacral area. The sports scientist Dr. Yvonne Röder in her Medical Fitness Lounge. Poor posture at the computer or when using the smartphone for a long time also often lead to neck pain due to tension. The scientist explains that the hanging chair also helps against this, because it has a positive effect on poor posture.

Crazy Chair terrace

Crazy Chair Houseboat

If you sit relaxed, you experience a positive effect on the cardiovascular system. To put it simply, the CrazyChair ONE can reduce blood pressure. That's not magic - the sitting position helps, because the foot section allows you to put your feet up. The blood can flow back more easily, varicose veins are prevented and blood circulation is improved. This results in a better supply of oxygen. The gentle rocking releases endorphins, the pulse slows down and stress falls away. Twenty minutes of power naps in a hanging chair feel like a short holiday, they bring you back concentration and performance.

Swinging is active relaxation for the body, but also for mind and soul. It's a primal feeling that we haven't experienced since childhood. Swinging is calming and you can literally let your soul dangle. We shouldn't just worry about our balance when burnout knocks. It is better to do something every day to relax your body and mind. The CrazyChair ONE is guaranteed to have no side effects and is TÜV-tested with a load capacity of up to 150 kg . Even those who are not among the lightweights can sit comfortably in it and stand up effortlessly. That is why it is also an ideal anti-aging program for the elderly.

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