CrazyChair has developed the perfect way to hang out on board boats.

Die perfekte Art, an Bord von Booten abzuhängen, hat CrazyChair entwickelt.

The hammock is often the only way to chill undisturbed on boats. But is it really comfortable?

In the beginning was the dream. The dream of time out on the water. The active side of sailing is sport. The other - rest, relax, come to rest. On catamarans you can lie in the net between the hulls, but it can get pretty wet. And on monohull yachts, the space to chill out is pretty tight. On the forecastle, deck projections or hatches are a nuisance and it is hardly possible to lie comfortably.

A hammock creates the desired relaxation zone. Finally alone - nothing against the others, but on a yacht you get very close - and finally in sailor's heaven. It feels like floating. Well, once wet, a cotton hammock doesn't dry quickly. If any. And where and how do you fix them?

CrazyChair CLIPPER

CrazyChair has developed a hammock that can do (almost) everything for everyone who wants to relax on the ship: the CrazyChair CLIPPER . She stays dry whether she's submerged in salt water or caught in a downpour. This is ensured by the UV-resistant mesh fabric, which lasts for years and provides pleasant ventilation even at high temperatures. It is only 1.5 kilos light and compactly packed, so it can also be easily taken on the charter ship. The light hammock is specially cut and stabilized with side straps for comfortable lying in any position. And it offers the perfect suspension solution. 

Crazy Chair SLIMLINE

If the CrazyChair CLIPPER gets wet, it dries again after a short time. Even sunscreen or a wet bikini do not damage the material. It has been used on hammocks on cruise ships for over 10 years. There, too, it has to withstand extreme demands, because salt air, sea water and sun demand a lot from the material. The CrazyChair Clipper is TÜV-tested and has an EU and a US patent. After more than ten years, 70 percent of the ship's hammocks are still in their original condition - this extraordinary longevity characterizes all CrazyChair hammocks. Sustainability is also ensured: the Batyline® material of the microgrid fabric can be recycled and reused. For this, it was awarded the “GOLD Green Card Certificate of Compliance”.

Both are passionate sailors. Environmental friendliness is just as important to the CrazyChair founders Renate and Joachim Küllenberg as the comfortable handling of their products. And they love to chill in the hammock. The fact that many cotton pieces literally sag and that they can hardly be fastened high enough on board a yacht stimulated the Küllenbergs' inventive spirit. And they found the solution: a special jib collar . One possibility is to attach the hammock between the foredeck and the mast.

CrazyChair JIB CUFF

CrazyChair JIB CUFF

This is very easy with the CrazyChair CLIPPER: Its ends come together in belt loops that are attached to possible attachment points with stainless steel shackles. A special jib collar is used to protect the fore-end and the rolled-up sail from damage. It distributes the forces that would act on one point over a wide area. The other end of the hammock is attached to a deflected halyard. The lying height can be variably determined - the private lounge on board is complete.


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