gestreifte Hängematte

Finally summer! CrazyChair hammocks bring color to life.

Endlich Sommer! CrazyChair Hängematten bringen Farbe ins Leben.

Bye, everyday gray - the summer will be colourful.

After the gloomy Corona times, the longing for life and joie de vivre is great. Bright colors create a holiday feeling. So it's no coincidence that the demand for outdoor accessories in variations of red or blue is particularly high this year. With the weatherproof hammocks from CrazyChair, summer can be enjoyed at home and when travelling: The palette of tones is inspired by the rainbow - clear, intense colors that are fun, as a cheerful accent in the garden, on the terrace or balcony.

CrazyChair striped Like the rays of the sun.

Stripes and stripes are the trend theme of this summer - they immediately get us in the holiday mood: We think of the beach and the sea and already feel the sun on our skin. Brilliant white and a bright color combine to create a real design classic. With CrazyChair hammocks, the stripes are more than just decoration: the white and colored fabric stripes are individually cut and sewn. Thanks to this special production technique, the hammock has a particularly intense colour. Incidentally, the netting is not just woven: each thread with filament and core is 'welded' to the other, so the textile grid structure remains stable and the color effect is always the same.

CrazyChair summer feeling The key of summer.

The Batyline® microgrid fabric is available in a uni tone – the warp and weft have the same strong colour. With this monochrome weave, the fine mesh structure appears airy and slightly transparent. The fabric appears a little denser when two or three different colored threads play together harmoniously to create a color tone. As in an impressionist picture, you can see the threads in their different tones up close, but when viewed from a distance, a uniform picture emerges. This sophisticated weave makes the color appear deeper and the fabric more three-dimensional. You always rest airy and cool in a CrazyChair hammock on hot days, the properties of the fiber and the open-pored, breathable mesh fabric are the same in both production methods.

CrazyChair Slimline Trio

Fresh color forever.

With CrazyChair, the colors stay as they are. Even intense sun cannot harm the Batyline® material. Regardless of whether the warp and weft are single-colored or multicolored, the skin-friendly mesh fabric is UV-resistant and always pleasantly cool and airy, even at high temperatures. What applies to sun also applies to rain: it is dry again in a few minutes, the color remains bright, the fabric is dimensionally stable and yet airy, is tear-resistant and easy to clean. It doesn't matter whether the children dabble with ice cream or red wine leaves its mark on a summer evening. A little water and soap is enough to make the hammock or daybed shine again. 

CrazyChair Batyline fabric CrazyChair shows its colors when it comes to longevity and sustainability: The Batyline® microgrid fabric - manufactured in Switzerland and France - can be recycled and reused. For this, it was awarded the “GOLD Green Card Certificate of Compliance”.

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