"We used to do that with the milk churn as children."

„Das haben wir schon als Kinder mit der Milchkanne gemacht“.

For years we have observed our customers missing a drink holder while sitting in the hanging chair. It was conveyed to us in different ways. The men signaled us wordlessly, but symbolically with outstretched arms, "where do I put my beer can". The ladies made it more charming with words: now a cocktail, a Prosecco, etc. Where do I put it? It was clear to us that urgent action was needed and a solution found. Everyone in our team agreed: There will be no beer can holder, as found on many Far East camping chairs as a sewn-in hole with a net in the armrests, or a beer can holder dangling from a rope. Not our style, our standards and our design. And who always wants to have a beer can around them as a drink?

We had created different ideas, approaches and patterns. But there were always reasons to discard them and think further. Then finally, after almost 1 year of thinking and doing (always in between, of course, when there was time) the solution: RONDO. A tray made of stainless steel, which is carried by a handle and can be attached to the side of the hanging chair. With plenty of space for glasses, plates, pastries, cups and saucers and of course for all freaks, the beloved beer can. Now we had the perfect storage for the hanging chair and even a tray which was ideal to use around the house. The success was surprising, so that shortly afterwards, Rondo was joined by Remo, a "tray stand" developed by us, into which Rondo is simply hung. Thus the idea of ​​a tray was born, which could ideally also be used as a side table. Rondo & Remo are now real partners and are used by many customers at home, alone or as a couple.

Oh yes, you still want to know what that has to do with the milk can? When I'm in a good mood during our events and trade fairs, there's a water glass full to the brim on the Rondo tray. Then I grab the tray by the handle and throw it over my head several times in a 360° arc. This is always a wow and surprise thing for the visitors, after which almost everyone put their index finger in the glass to feel whether there really is water in it. And then I hear it again, the sentence from a smiling visitor, with a corresponding rotating hand movement: We used to do that with the milk churn as children! 

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