Crazy Chair All-Weather

"Then why are you still at a garden fair?"

It has been high season for us since the beginning of May and that is why we are represented as exhibitors with our Crazy Chair collection at many garden events. In conversations we notice that visitors are often surprised when they learn that we have already equipped many cruise ships with hammocks. Frequent question: "And then you're still standing here? Is such an event "worth it"? To say it in advance: Yes, it's mostly worth it. And it's always a pleasure for us to talk to friendly, interested visitors about Crazy Chair, to advise them Moment when they sit in our hanging chair and then make spontaneous statements like: "Oh God" or "Is that awesome" (women in their late 50s also say this), "I'm floating and can't feel my back anymore, which has been hurting for days does", or "I haven't sat like that, uh, so crazy for a long time". I could list many more of them. But maybe for my wife and me the few seconds in which we are confirmed are all right to have done.

We are also of the firm conviction that as an entrepreneur (even if only as a small one) you have to look for and maintain an immediate, authentic, direct connection to the customer. Because our customers make us smart - thank you for that. How come? Because we listen attentively, pay attention, perceive and, if necessary, question what our customers want, how they react to one or the other part and what they particularly like. This applies to new colors and accessories as well as to technical details or the design. Customers communicate, unconsciously, sometimes hidden, discreetly or directly, with words and gestures. We love that, it takes us further and when some of our customers discover progress with us again, we grow together more and more. Some then proudly come to our exhibition area and tell us that they have had their hanging chair or hammock for over 17 years and are still using it and are enthusiastic about it. We then like to let these great customers chat alone with other interested parties in our exhibition area, because enthusiasm is contagious and everyone is happy - of course we are too. Because without orders we can't afford to go home either.

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