The trees are taboo for all exhibitors!

Die Bäume sind für alle Aussteller TABU!

After many years of the garden fair in Hanau, there were now new rules: Exhibitors were no longer allowed to use the trees in the park area. So no more hanging chairs on the thick branches of the trees, as in all previous years (of course always safe, gentle, professional with rope protection or slings). For us it was a massive break in our presentation. We were curious to see how the visitors who have been expecting and knowing us there for many years would react. Many were disappointed, some shook their heads, others said "we are in Germany" and some said there must be reasons for that. So all opinions were mixed and represented. We made the best of it and smiled about the "ban circle" around the tree, with a white line and additional pylons. We are looking forward to the new rules next year 😏 😂 Hanau Garden Fair 2022

Hanau Garden Fair 2022

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