Children want to be kept busy - especially now that the motto is "stay at home"!

CrazyCHair KidsChair hergestellt in Deutschland.

Most families experience at first hand what it means to reconcile home office, (small) children, duty, play and fun. We know the situation only too well, as our families also have their kindergarten and school children at home.

So now our ultimate suggestion:

Children love to swing. Most of the time it can't get wild enough. Many adults often get dizzy just watching. Why it is like that? Small children are still developing their sense of balance, so swing stimulation is important. Rocking babies in your arms, putting children on the merry-go-round or turning the playground equipment, everything stimulates the vestibular organ located in the inner ear. 

The KidsChair promises special effects here, because unlike conventional swings that are attached to 2 ropes, the CrazyChair only hangs on one rope. This offers a lot more creativity when swinging playfully and is easier to attach to the ceiling, beam, swing frame or tree. Small, light, handy and easy to hang up, it is easy to take with you to offer your loved ones a game animation on the go.

Safety must not be neglected. That's why the KidsChair has an ergonomic seat recess that fits perfectly from the buttocks over the back and shoulders. The inclination of the seat can be continuously adjusted using the ropes that are knotted in, which, depending on the size and age of the child, offers advantages in terms of seat stability and safety. The two side crossbars can also be easily grabbed by small children's hands, which offers the little ones safety and protection. Everything is handcrafted so well that the kids can't get stuck or hurt themselves.

The kids chair can be used both indoors and outdoors as it is made of a weatherproof, robust and easy-care material. The high-quality Batyline microgrid fabric, available in many colours, sets no limits to the kids' play instincts, even if the kids' chair is mixed with water, sand or mud - it doesn't matter, simply rinse with water - clean, done!

Like all CrazyChair products, it can be hung outside all year round as it is absolutely weatherproof, in sun, rain and snow. What is sure to give parents a good feeling: it is produced with care in Germany. Only the best for our little ones.

CrazyChair produces the high-quality KidsChair in GermanyCrazyChair produces the high-quality KidsChair in GermanyCrazyChair produces the high-quality KidsChair in GermanyCrazyChair produces the high-quality KidsChair in Germany

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