Crazy Chair All-Weather

State Horticultural Show Wittstock-Dosse 2019

Landesgartenschau Wittstock-Dosse 2019

Here, too, we are involved as a sponsor/partner. Today we did the 1st part of the installations: 10 bamboo stands with hanging chairs. Each bamboo stick has a length of 3m, these are assembled into a 3-leg and tied, then provided with a stainless steel suspension chain and everything is set up spread. To secure it on the ground, a peg is hammered into the ground on each bamboo cane and tied with a rope. Complete. With 10 stands, this also means: drilling 90 holes, knotting 30 bamboo sticks, driving in and knotting 30 pegs. Finally, of course, hang up, adjust, secure and try out the 10 Crazy Chairs. The latter is especially fun because you know you'll be done in a moment and you can relax a little while you're sitting. Tomorrow we will continue with hammocks elsewhere. Surprising visit: An RBB TV team inspected the LGS and filmed us during the installation work.

Click here for more information on the LAGA Wittstock can

30 bamboo tubes for Crazy Chair stands

Assembly of the bamboo stands

Crazy Chair hanging chair on bamboo standCrazy Chair hanging chair on bamboo standTV crew filmed us at work

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Wow - das war eine anspruchsvolle Installation auf der BUGA in Heilbronn.
Wie haben Sie den 1. Mai verbracht?

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