New: LUNO stainless steel stand

Neu: LUNO Edelstahlständer

We developed the new LUNO stainless steel stand especially for our Slimline and Clipper hammocks and presented it for the first time during the INVENTA trade fair (15.3.-18.3.18) in Karlsruhe. The visitors were able to test its function and stability directly and were enthusiastic. The extremely positive response has meant that we immediately put it into production. We will soon integrate it into our shop. However, pre-orders can already be made by telephone or e-mail. Delivery is expected to start in May 2018.

LUNO stainless steel standLUNO stainless steel standLUNO stainless steel stand with Slimline by Crazy ChairLUNO stainless steel stand with clipper by Crazy Chair

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