Nominated for the Ergonomics Innovation Award 2021 or what makes our CrazyChairONE an excellent (ergonomic) hanging chair

Nominiert für den Innovationspreis Ergonomie 2021 oder was unseren CrazyChairONE zum ausgezeichneten (ergonomischen) Hängesessel macht

What a great nomination for our CrazyChairONE and also for us as a company.

The institute nominated us because it wants to back all efforts for more ergonomics in everyday life. We are very happy about it, after all the idea for our ONE started with a herniated disc 25 years ago!

But what distinguishes our hanging chair from others and how can I tell if a chair/armchair is ergonomic?

Sitting is the new smoking!

The phrase is on everyone's lips and the long-term consequences should be taken just as seriously. A large part of our life takes place sitting. The problem with this: our body is built for running and not for sitting all the time.

So more movement is the goal and everyone has to find out for themselves which extra steps and detours (the way to work) or new ways of working (standing desk) can be implemented.

But what many don't think about: Even while sitting, you can do a lot right or wrong.

More movement even when sitting

Our hanging chair ONE started with a herniated disc 25 years ago. The founder Renate had severe pain when sitting and discovered "moving sitting" for herself.

The idea here: if sitting leads to an active activity, i.e. also strengthens the muscles, this leads to healthy sitting , without any back pain!

Unfortunately, there weren't many hanging chairs on the market: either they were rigid and immobile (e.g. made of rattan), or they just consisted of a cloth and were very constricting.

It's all a matter of attitude!

So she designed a prototype of our ONE:

With spreader bars that don't constrict you and make you immobile, but leave enough space for every movement.

With a cut that relieves your intervertebral disc and clings to the waistline.

With individually adjustable armrests and footrest, because we are not all the same size.

And an individually adjustable back angle. It doesn't matter whether you want to read or prefer to take a little nap, it's all a matter of attitude!

That's why we're happy about the "particularly ergonomic" award and also equip rehabilitation clinics.

By the way, you can even use our hanging chair in the home office. With our Pronto you comfortably have your laptop on your lap.

Take a look around and strengthen your health while sitting!

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