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CRAZYCHAIR now also produces the KANDO dog bed

CRAZYCHAIR produziert nun auch das Hundebett KANDO

Find out now how this came about and which three criteria most first-time dog owners do not consider before buying a dog bed.

Last Sunday the time had come: our long-awaited puppy “Ylvi” moved in with us. Ylvi is a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, or toller for short. There are only about 10 litters of this breed per year in Germany, which of course makes the search for a suitable breeder in the area more difficult.

Puppy Ylvi on dog lounger

We were lucky and got to know the very nice breeders Jürgen and Charlotte Holl from “Red Adventure” before the birth. Enough time to prepare as a prospective wolf mother (by the way, Ylvi means “little wolf”, which I think is incredibly appropriate).

Since dogs sleep 18-20 hours a day, the choice of dog bed is very important to me. When I was looking for a dog bed, I had various criteria in mind that were particularly important to me:

Good quality

In the best case, the basket lasts a dog's entire life. Firstly from an environmentally friendly point of view and secondly from a dog's point of view.

First we went to larger dog shops like Fressnapf & co. The quality didn't convince me. Beds with inferior filling, smell of chemicals and no high-quality workmanship. Me and my dog ​​are not happy with that and we end up paying for it!

Also, I'm not a friend of cheap Chinese goods. Strictly speaking, there are no cheap products, because in the end only someone else pays the price (pollution, child labor, unfair wages).

And if the chemical smell just wafts at you, I don't want to endanger my dog's health with it. Because small puppies in particular lick and gnaw on everything at first.

Dog Lounger Outside


Fortunately, as a family, we don't have any allergies and it doesn't have to be clinically clean. Nevertheless, especially with children, I don't want huge fluffy baskets that I can't get rid of with uninvited guests, such as fleas or mites. That's why I prefer a material that is easy to clean and doesn't provide nesting places for mites. I prefer to throw a blanket over it, which I can wash at 90 degrees if in doubt.

Even better: the bed can simply be vacuumed or wiped!

And after long walks, through forests and meadows, we will come home quite dirty. Then I would like to "park" my Ylvi somewhere first so that I can change my clothes and then, in peace and quiet, rub her dry.

Dog lounger front door

Appropriate from a dog's point of view

In our house, the dog lies on different surfaces: (cold) stone floors in the kitchen and in the hallway, some with underfloor heating, a garden with a lawn, dining room with a carpet.

In some rooms it will be too warm for the dog, in others too cold. I therefore find it ideal to have a lying surface at a distance from the floor in order to be independent of it. This allows the dog to better regulate its own comfortable temperature. And on the meadow it is protected from ants or other crawling creatures by far.

Dog bed living room

And which bed has it become now? As you can imagine: I didn't find any that could meet these three requirements (if you find one: please email us).

So we did it ourselves…Tadaaaa!

Our dog lounger KANDO

CThe body consists of a stainless steel frame and is almost indestructible. The fitted lying surface consists of extremely weatherproof, durable and dimensionally stable Batyline fabric. This means that your dog's favorite place is still comfortable for years to come.

The microgrid fabric is very easy to keep clean: simply vacuum or wipe with a damp cloth.

Due to the raised lying surface, the dog can keep an eye on its surroundings.

If you want to make your dog particularly cuddly, you simply put a blanket over it, which later simply goes into the washing machine.

Do you have a specific corner, niche in which your dog lounger should stand? No problem. We only make handmade dog loungers in Germany. A phone call or e-mail is all it takes for us to take your special wishes into account in terms of dimensions or colour/material.

Did you just have a puppy or are you just looking for the perfect dog bed? Then get our KANDO!

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