Constantly tired in the home office? Three reasons why you should definitely use the power of the power nap for yourself.

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Mostly after lunch and especially now that most of us are sitting in the home office, without colleagues and in our own (cozy) premises, we eventually get tired. You struggle through the afternoon and realize that you are becoming slower and more sluggish.

What to do? Drink a coffee? eat sweets? Not a good idea!

1. The power nap makes you younger and more efficient

Imagine there is a product that improves your mood, boosts your focus and creativity, reduces stress and makes you look younger (and even improves your sex life ;)).

Something that will help you lose weight, reduce heart risk and help you make better decisions. And this product is free with no side effects.

would you just ignore it Or would you like to use it for yourself?

This product is nothing new and yet we need it more than ever: the nap or power nap.

2. Gain time by power napping!

What was completely normal two generations ago is hardly ever indulged in today. True to the motto "you should rest after dinner", the grandparents were happy to treat themselves to a nap after lunch.

Unfortunately, in our meritocracy, only a few dare to take a nap. The fear of looking lazy or weak is too great. You would rather work efficiently and make the most of every minute. But it is precisely through this break that our body and mind can recover and then go to work much more concentrated.

The French author Bruno Comby, whose book "Awake through Power-Sleep" was published by Mosaic Verlag, even recommends taking a power nap to save yourself two hours of sleep at night. A disciplined sleeper thus gains more than 50,000 hours over the course of his life. After all, that corresponds to the working time of more than seventeen years.

3. Listen to your body's signals!

If we look even further back, namely to our closest relatives from the animal kingdom, the chimpanzees, we can learn a lot of positive things:

Compared to other apes, great apes sleep in self-made nests high up in trees in order to be able to sleep deeper and longer and with fewer interruptions. In addition, chimpanzees regularly take afternoon naps. "Animals consistently follow their natural needs," says Florian Sicks. “They sleep exactly as long as is ideal for them. The longer sleep may well be the key to developing larger brains .”

A positive attitude towards recovery sleep and the knowledge of its importance is the cornerstone for a daily power nap. So pay attention to the signals your body is sending you and just try it out. I call it, for example, an offer for my back or mental training to get a new mindset.

If you are still looking for detailed instructions for your first power nap, you can read on here .

Are you already a power nap pro but still looking for the perfect place for it? Then take a look at our hanging chairs or hammocks !


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