How to effortlessly recharge your batteries in 20 minutes and overcome your afternoon slump. A short guide to the perfect power nap

Wie du in 20 min mühelos Energie tankst und dein Nachmittagstief überwindest. Eine kurze Anleitung für den perfekten Power Nap

Do you also have a "sag" in the afternoon, usually after lunch?

A home office study by the University of Konstanz has now shown that 72 percent of all employees who have only worked at home since March 2020 report exhaustion. Respondents complain of occasional or constant exhaustion and fatigue .

There is a free and very healthy remedy: the short nap! In this blog article you will find out what you need to pay attention to in order to use the full potential of the power nap for you:


1. Make yourself comfortable:

 Theoretically you can do it anywhere, but especially in the beginning your power nap will be easier if you are undisturbed by the phone or other people.

If you want to use our hanging chair, I recommend placing fixtures in different rooms so you can enjoy it in the quiet bedroom or even on your sun-drenched patio.

Of course, you can also adjust the seat angle to make yourself really comfortable. By the way, gentle rocking movements let you slip into the realm of dreams (you can read here why this is the case).

2. Let go and relax

 Whether you prefer to relax with the sound of the sea in your ears, listen to a little meditation or enjoy absolute silence, you have to find out for yourself. In the beginning, a thousand things often go through your head. Allow the thoughts to flow without judgment and don't put pressure on yourself to fall asleep. Relaxing power nap music can help you fall asleep, as can muscle relaxation or meditation. And if you don't sleep at first, it doesn't matter. Even 20 minutes of rest will bring you the desired effect and after a few days of regular power napping your body will quickly learn to slow down.


3. Set an alarm or have someone wake you up

Experienced power nappers wake up automatically after their ideal napping duration. Some after 5, others only after 20 minutes. In the beginning, you can have an alarm clock wake you up after 20 minutes at the latest, so as not to fall into the deep sleep phase. Or you use a trick: a cup of coffee or tea wakes you up after 20 minutes. Because the caffeine it contains only takes effect after 20 minutes and is the ideal, natural alarm clock.

A short power nap is really easy to implement and gives you strength for the rest of the day. In the long run, it improves your health, ideally paired with our concept of moving sitting. You can read more about why this is so here .

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