Inselradio Mallorca

Anniversary: ​​25 + 1 year Inselradio Mallorca

Jubiläum: 25 + 1 Jahr Inselradio Mallorca

At the big 25+1 Inselradio birthday party on August 1st, 2022 in the House of Son Amar, over 3000 guests celebrated the Inselradio anniversary. The family celebration featured live acts like Nacha Pop and Fury in the Slaughterhouse and lots of smiling faces. Inselradio

Daniel Vulic, head of Inselradio, had invited CrazyChair to the lounge. We met some acquaintances and together we enjoyed the relaxed evening until midnight. A grandiose festival with a great atmosphere and great music acts.

Inselradio Mallorca anniversary partyInselradio Mallorca anniversary party and boss Daniel VulicInselradio Mallorca anniversary party and Manuela + Joachim from CrazyChairIsland Radio Mallorca. Known each other for many years, Melitta Mann Egon Wellenbrink + Joachim from CrazyChair

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