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Mein Schiff Herz ❤️ Hammock Cleaning

Mein Schiff Herz ❤️ Hängematten Cleaning

In our team, the command was "all on deck". After a longer Corona time in the anchorage, the inspection and cleaning of the hammocks on board the "Mein Schiff Herz" was due. During the multi-day trip from Cadiz to the Canary Islands, suspension ropes were renewed, shackles checked and replaced, all hammocks scrubbed and cleaned and hung up again. Everything is in great shape again for the guests who are now coming on board.

Of course we also take care of the hammocks on the crew deck.

Mein Schiff Herz Hammock CleaningMy ship's heart hammocks on the crew deck

Done! Everything is done within the planned time frame and there is still enough time for a short relaxation before disembarking again.

My ship heart hammock ready for use again

In addition to the installation of hammocks on board cruise ships, CrazyChair also offers these services and the shipowners are happy to use them.

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