Will the state garden shows take place?

Werden die Landesgartenschauen stattfinden?

The media reports almost every hour on new developments and decisions in connection with the corona virus. Public life is massively restricted, which of course also affects all trade fairs where you would otherwise have found us as an exhibitor. We very much hope that the state garden shows that have been planned and designed for many years will take place. Then the visitors would have plenty of space to move at a great distance from other people, in the fresh air and nature, to absorb many positive impressions, colors and scents. I personally believe that an LGS environment can be very positively stimulating - which we all desperately need.

We at CrazyChair will carry out the planned LGS installations in "Kamp-Lintfort" and "Ingolstadt" in the next few days so that visitors can relax in hammocks and hanging chairs. Let's wait and see if there will be any new news on this. Find out more directly about these links to the state garden shows mentioned: LGS 2020 Kamp-Lintfort and LGS 2020 Ingolstadt

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