We all know the feeling of successfully overcoming fear, don't we?

Wir kennen doch alle das Gefühl der geglückten Überwindung von Angst?

(sorry - long text - this shows that there is more time again)

Do you still remember the first time up on the 3m board in the outdoor pool? Phew, that was high. Fear. Would you rather climb down the ladder? The others are watching me. Don't be a coward. You gathered your courage, focused on what lies ahead, take a deep breath and - jump! The fear was overcome and you had made it. I bet you were proud and jumped several more times. You may even have encouraged and motivated your friends to try it too. You had your experience.

The corona virus makes us "climb the 3m board" every day. It is up to you whether we jump calmly, focused and without fear. Confidence comes from "trusting yourself". Like everything in life, "the first time" is always something exciting and special. In the positive and negative. Be it the first kiss, the first accident, the first vacation without parents, the first 5 at school (my parents and I had already gotten used to the others) and much more. We often don't realize how many small fears of overcoming we live through every day.

The Corona scenario determines our future. We are always experiencing new things that none of us have ever experienced in this form and intensity, worldwide, whether in health, economic or political terms.

The unknown scares us, it can be heard again and again. Is it really like that? I believe that calm, prudence and trust are important qualities that help us a lot to deal with and survive crises.

The fact is that during times of crisis people withdraw to known, familiar and safe surroundings. Centuries ago, groups of settlers did this when they were traveling in covered wagons. In the evening these were set up in a circle as a "protective castle" so that people and horses were safe within them. Like nowadays, when people withdraw into the smallest "cells", the home environment, preferably with their loved ones: partner, family, friends. If it takes longer, you make yourself comfortable, try to create a pleasant atmosphere and spend several days, weeks or months stress-free.

Global directive from politicians: stay at home! If you voluntarily design your own personal retreat, we talk about "cocooning" or "little wellness oases". Due to Corona, however, we are experiencing a political and unprecedented form of cocooning (bans on curfews, public life that has almost come to a standstill, serious restrictions on personal contacts and freedoms, etc.).

During the Corona crisis we are going through different stages. An initial fear, despair, aggression, lethargy or loss of control suddenly becomes a veritable intoxication of the positive. After a period of bewilderment and fear, an inner strength emerges. For some, perhaps already a sign of change, change or a new beginning? I'm sure that a lot of things will never be the same again. But don't we all have a chance to change it for the better? The environment has actually recovered from Corona. This is shown by satellite images over China and other heavily polluted European regions. No more red areas, everything is neutral white. Political quarrels have given way to coexistence in crisis management. Science has also made itself heard again: virologists and epidemiologists have become media stars and futuristic philosophers, sociologists, psychologists and anthropologists, who previously tended to be on the fringes of polarized debates, regained their voice and weight.

What else? Fake news, on the other hand, is rapidly losing market value. Conspiracy theories suddenly seem like slow sellers, even though they were offered like sour beer. Aren't these positive signals and developments that make it worth looking ahead with motivation? Yes, together we can do it - let's tackle it! (some thoughts + statements come from trend researcher & visionary Max Horx).

Our philosophy: MAXIMIZE MOMENTS. Especially now, when we are being asked politically (worldwide) to stay at home, we should make ourselves as comfortable as possible. Time to make a more or less forced "cocooning" comfortable at home. Spring and summer are coming with pleasant temperatures, we will enjoy nature. You have a lot of time to spend with your loved ones. Relaxation on the balcony, terrace or in the garden certainly has room for improvement.

What does that have to do with the corona virus, the imposed exit bans and lots of restrictions, you're probably wondering? Quite a lot, because we create unique moments with high-quality products and innovative ideas. With this we get people out of their everyday lives with the promise of decisively improving their valuable time. Deep relaxation, noticeably back-friendly, ergonomic seating qualities, easy commuting or swinging in hammocks or hanging chairs, smelling, hearing, experiencing nature again - these are well-being experiences that go far beyond the use of conventional garden furniture. We wouldn't mention it if thousands of customers didn't already know about it.

I look forward to your opinion and love dialogues with likeable people.

Now it's still business. But that's my life, a perpetual journey between "business & pleasure".

71e211400e7794b6_5161-w240-h357-b0-p0--.jpg I'm Joachim Küllenberg, owner-managing director of Pimiento OHG. For more than 20 years we have been developing, designing and producing weatherproof, comfortable, resilient, easy-care, durable hammocks, hanging chairs and matching stands in Germany.

We're a small team, with great people and great suppliers. We have been working closely with 80% of them for around 15 years. Trust, openness, loyalty and a growing sense of togetherness has made us successful. We also learn this from our customers, many of whom have been loyal to us for 20 years, in the B2B and B2C sectors.

My suggestion: Realize your individual MAXIMIZE MOMENTS now. We will help you with advice, good tips and products that you no longer want to do without. Promised. I have now made it a top priority and I look forward to seeing you. Call me on +49 89 89557565 or write me at

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